Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In preparation for the BIG DAY!.

Someday soon, we will start our trip across North America. We plan to live on the road at least six Months of every year, or until we are too old to do so. We will likely spend the winters in South East  Texas, where we purchased a modest home. We will be close the border of Mexico, near the area of Padre Island. It's warm all winter there. Essentially, we will follow the sun.

As Spring returns, we will migrate North to the other States and Provinces. There is a lot of territory to explore, and a lot of family and friends to visit, all scattered across the U.S. and Canada.

It's only after conducting extensive research as to what would be the best towing vehicle for our budget, that we purchased a 2002 Ford F350 dually (shown above) with a 7.3L diesel engine. It had a little over one hundred thousand miles the day we bought it (August 2012), and that is relatively low mileage for a diesel engine. The fifth wheel is a 2003 Road Ranger made by Kit. The inside is immaculate and overall, it's in excellent shape. The older couple that had it before us did not travel anymore and the fifth wheel was just sitting on their lot in Big Bear lake, California. We had to put new tires, not because they were bald, but because it had  cracks from sitting still so long. The brakes are like new, which indicates that they didn't travel much with it. They told us that they brought it from the dealer to their lot, enjoyed it there, and that confirms it. We are updating both, truck and fifth wheel, to our liking and needs.

The fifth wheel got two new flat screens, a new stereo system, a "new style" ceramic toilet, ans a lot of TLC. I now looks like a brand new fifth wheel, all polished and clean inside out.

We will be visiting  California, Nevada and Arizona and surrounding States on weekends and short vacations this coming summer and maybe next summer as well. We are still working and have to save a little more before we can free ourselves. When we can afford it, we will relinquishing our daily work for that next phase of our lives. It's going to be some awesome.

We are new to this and we welcome all comments and suggestions from the seasoned RVers.

I know there are books on the subject, but we would rather get advice from people currently living the life. So please don't be bashful, we need to know as much as we can now. I will increasingly update this blog as we get closer to the Big Day. It would be great to already have a circle of friends before we even hit the road.

Thank you for visiting,

Yvon and Anne Bourque