Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Less than 15 days before retirement and RVing across the Country.

Hi Friends,


We didn't change much!

We're almost there. July 31st is the official day I will be retiring. We have prepared a long time for that moment. I will finally do the two things I love best...photography and travel. Of course, this will enable us to visit friends and family and especially my daughters, their spouse and grandchildren.

This is a big Country and there is a lot of places to discover. Add  Canada to that, and we should be busy for a long time.We will start our venture right here in California, before heading to Texas this coming October. We want to stay in San Diego for a while and then go up along the coast. We will certainly stop in San Luis Obispo  and stay for a few weeks. Then it's up to Yosemite for a last visit. 

From there, we believe we will drive to Las Vegas, where we hope to double our money [:)]. Santa Fee will be our last stay before spending most of the winter Months in South East Texas.

For you, Friends and Family, you can follow us on our venture. For you, Photographers and especially Pentax users, I will surely post tons of pictures, tips, lessons for entry level photographers, and I will continue to write e-books about Pentax equipment and most likely about other brands, now that I will be able to devote all the time I want to doing what I like best.

For you, RVers, I will post comments, pictures, stories, equipment reviews and hope to get followers and perhaps meet some of you across North America.

I still have some business to attend to until the end of the Month, but I should post something on this site every day thereafter.

This blog site is going to be shared with my Photography blog as well, pentaxdslrs.blogspot.com

Honk if you see us on the road
See you soon,

Yvon Bourque