Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hi friends, family and Rvers,


Just a few days ago, we planned to visit the Cleveland National Park, near San Diego. Well...while the Government is shut down, the park was closed...bummer. I could spend a long time talking about our Government, but it would be a waste of my time and yours.

We kept driving North on Sunrise Hwy to  "Julian", a quaint small town about 45 minutes North East of San Diego. Julian is famous for their apples orchards. Little did we know that the "Julian Apple Harvest" was in full swing. There were too many people to enjoy and all restaurants were filled to capacity. We bought an apple pie and took it home (Fifth Wheel). We left the pie on the kitchen counter in the RV, only to wake up the next morning to see thousands of ants going back and forth from the pie to their nest. Oh well!

Anne still wanted to walk around and go to all of the shops. Apparently, she got some great bargains.

It started here and ended up $50.00 later.

At the end of town, this beautiful horse was being  spoiled from people feeding it with...what else, apples.

Anne loves horses and you can see that in her demeanor.

Older residents watching the parade of City folks.  

That is the look of a happy shopper.

I have to say that Julian is indeed a cute Town, but I would have preferred visiting it on a regular day.

Just like the old days. I imagined it would have looked like this with yesteryear's cameras.

Thank you for visiting our blog. Maybe we'll see you somewhere along the long way home.

Yvon and Anne