Monday, October 28, 2013

Life’s a beach in San Clemente, California.

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We slept at the San Clemente State Beach RV Park last night. There aren’t many State RV Parks with direct access to the beach. We were impressed. As they say; “If you are lucky enough to live near the beach…you’re lucky enough”.

We arrived here late afternoon and did not have much of a chance to explore and take pictures, other than with our iPhones. The weather channel was predicting rain all day for today and we were bummed out when we went to bed last night. The weather man was wrong and it was a beautiful day. We walked on the beach and watched surfer “dudes” for a while. The commuter train rides along the beach and that’s pretty special. It has to be a pleasant commute.

The Old Town San Clemente is typical to other beach towns although this area is not as affordable as other beach towns I’ve seen before. Looking through the window of a real estate company, a small and humble cottage was listed close to one million dollars while a nice house on the beach was listed to three and one half million dollars. The beauty of RVing is that we can live where the wealthy live, for a short while and at a much lower cost. We can move to a new neighborhood anytime we want.

Now you see it...

now you don't.



We will be leaving Tuesday around noon to our next destination…Palm Springs. We lived in Palm Springs for five years and it will be nice to visit for a few days and explore our old haunts.  Looking forward to some warm sun and a swim in the pool.

I will close with this YouTube video of San Clemente State Beach RV Park.

Yvon and Anne Bourque