Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We pulled into Palm Springs yesterday. I still think Palm Springs is one of the greatest places to spend the winter.

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Coming into Palm Springs

Palm Springs, our last stay in California.  Could not ask for better weather.  Beautiful!  Love where we are staying. Very clean, and the views are wonderful.  Had breakfast at one of our old haunts from years ago and then visited some of our favorite spots.

Only in Palm Springs and Florida can you drive your golf cart to the store.  Had to take a pic of them all lined up.

We have a lemon tree in our site, and of course I had to have my better half climb up and pull some down. 

We have a pond near by where we visited the resident ducks and have enjoyed walking around and meeting some of the other visitors, many here for the season.  Our neighbors are from Vancouver Island and will be here until March.

Any Questions?

Home Sweet Home!

Tomorrow we hope to revisit more spots and take in all that this area has to give; which is a lot.  We will let you know where we go and what adventures may occur.

This evening we sat outside with a nice glass of wine and watched the thousands of migrating birds trying to make a joint decision on what  "Hotel California," tree they were going to snooze in for the night.  They put on a good show. Click on the images below to watch the videos.

Listening to the gathering...

He said... She said...

Thank you again for your visit and for following us,

Anne and Yvon  (hugs to all our kids and grand kids)