Thursday, November 7, 2013

Flyng J, exit 24

Hi friends and family,

Flyng J, exit 24

Our stay in Arizona was coming to an end a couple of days ago and we knew we were going to hit the road. We had plans to make a couple of stops near Tucson, but the night before Yvon received a call from a very old friend..

The call was from Pierre.  The conversation went something like this. "Hey, how are you and where are you?"  Pierre and Marie were in Abilene Tx and we were in Eloy Az.  After a few minutes the guys decided to find a way for us to meet along the I-10.  Amazing that they are on their way to an Arizona destination and we are on our way to the Gulf of Texas.  The plans to meet up this year was not a real possibility.

The back story is that Yvon and Pierre were boyhood best friends and have known each other since they were four years old.

Life has a way of taking us in different directions and once Yvon had moved to the U.S., the years just flew by.  Funny how that works.  We are still trying to figure that one out!

Three years ago Pierre, by chance, found Yvon's Photography site and emailed Yvon asking if he was the Yvon Bourque from Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada?  

For the last two years we have been able to meet Pierre and Marie where they spend the winter   We were not RVing at that time. They have been spending their winters near Lake Havasu for many years.  Neither Yvon nor Pierre knew how close they were in proximity.  They finally got together after decades.  We drove over from the high desert in California. What a great visit the guys have had, and I have been just as excited to meet both Pierre and Marie.  It is almost as if I had known both of them.  

With the option of making some stops to see popular areas or meeting up with friends the answer was very simple!

The plan was to call at 10am and see how far we had both traveled and where to meet.  What fun!!
We were up and on the road by 7:15am and by 10:15 we were almost to the Arizona/New Mexico border.
Pierre called and said " we are waiting for you at the Flying J, exit 24!!"

Never give up the chance to see friends, even if it is for a brief time.  It is always a precious moment and memory and we need as many of those as we can get!  

Thank you for visiting,

Love to all,

Anne and Yvon

Flying J, I-10,  exit 24, New Mexico

Last rest area in Arizona

Okay lets drive!

Pierre and Yvon

Pierre, Marie, Yvon and guess who?

Great visit!

Pierre and me again

Great picture of a great couple!

Side by Side

Until next time!

Going opposite directions, Bye!!!

Hello Las Cruces, New Mexico!