Friday, November 15, 2013

Las Cruces and Old Mesilla, New Mexico

Hi friends and family.

A few days have gone by but we are finally in an area where I can let you know where we have been and a little of what we have seen. Of course we cannot share everything, but so far it is turning out to be a fun adventure.

We both enjoyed and love the Land Of Enchantment.  Coming down the I-10 you come upon Las Cruces and the view is beautiful. It is settled in a valley and the colors of the sky, land and mountains are wonderful.
There is so much great history here, and I especially wanted to take it all in.

Yvon took some beautiful pictures of the community and of the land outside of town.  I will try and put more of those on at a later date.

We found ourselves taken to another time and place when we discovered Old Mesilla, which was only a few blocks from where we were staying.

This area has all kinds of historical landmarks and what was a real wild west area.

 The Butterfield Overland Mail and Stage Line was established here in 1858.

In the 1850's Judge Roy Bean and his brother operated a freight and passenger service line.  Of course the real story is Billy the Kid, alias William Bonney who was tried for murder. The now shop on the square was where his was held for trail and then escaped.

We fell in love with the art, that is everywhere,and had a wonderful lunch at a beautiful cafe called Josephina's Gate.

  The next day, we listened to a couple that sang an old song, which in English means Beautiful Sky.  It was a real treat. My father would play this song on his guitar and sing it to me when a was a child, so it was fantastic to finally know what the title meant.  Part of the song is on the video at the end of this blog.

By chance the Mariachi State Festival was just beginning and we where able to have a front row seat on the plaza and listen to the music and watch the beautiful dancers.  Nothing had been planned and it was a perfect  way to spend our last day.

We were up and on the road very early the following morning.  I have to say we want to return and drive north.  New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment and the people we visited with were very welcoming and friendly.

Thank you again for reading.

Love to all

Anne and Yvon,

Text by Anne
Images by Yvon

Even the Plates are Colorful...
The Kid
Las Cruces

Josephina's Gate Cafe
Church at the end of the Plaza


Colorful Art Everywhere

Home Entrance

Lets Rock
Beauty in Everything

Until Nest Time...